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Treating Sun Damaged Skin Class

Nail Techs, Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Teachers

90% of all skin problems are a result of excessive sun damage. 80% occurs before the age of 18. Sun damage occurs not only on the face but everywhere the skin is exposed! Having a clear understanding of this process and the effect it has on skin serves as a guide to your treatment choices. The students will see a demonstration of a variety of treatments and how to incorporate them with the services they offer as well as to expand the service menu to meet an ever growing need. Solutions for sun damage…hands, arms, face etc.!

5 CEU/$120.00

Sunday, August 12 - Schaumburg (9-3)

Sunday, October 14 - Mokena (9-3)

Phone Orders: (800)669-8718

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I felt like I attended a motivational class…Incredible!

Can’t wait to take more classes. The instructor has inspired me to look into teaching myself. I cannot imagine taking my CE’s anywhere else. I wish you were my teacher in school!

Great business information.

You have been a total joy to listen to. Thank you for making this class worth my day!

Great class! I really enjoyed hearing all of the info. I will be coming back. Thank you.

This is my 2nd renewal taking classes with your company and it keeps getting better every time. Thank you. I am already looking forward to next renewal.

I wish Gina taught me when I was in esthetic school. She is very knowledgeable.

Fantastic program! Worth every penny. Will be returning for all my CEU hours.

A lot of time and energy was put in by the instructor in preparing for this class. Excellent!

Instructor was very knowledgeable and very organized with the material and delivery of subject matter.

Very informative and well planned class.

Thank you. Your class was very enjoyable and demonstrates your commitment and enthusiasm for the profession.