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Styling A Face Shape

1 CE/$15.00 - (#H1)

Creating the perfect face shape using styling techniques is the focus of this course. Every stylist should have this in mind when suggesting a style for their client. The course gives you an opportunity to begin that creative process and apply it to all face shapes.

Men's Sport Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles

7 CE/$110.00 - (#HV2)

For your more casual, sport-oriented male clients with new techniques, different styling options for each cut, and insider tips for behind the chair. Randy Topham is a platform artist and instructor.  He empowers stylists to be creative to keep hairstyling new and exciting. (Course includes: Instructional DVD & Workbook)

Men's Business Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles

7 CE/$110.00 - (#HV3)

Randy Topham, instructor and platform artist, brings to you four unique cuts, color and style techniques for the conservative, business-minded male client.
(Course includes: Instructional DVD & Workbook)

Mid-Length Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles

7 CE/$110.00 - (#HV4)

Randy Topham, platform artist and instructor, shares with you the latest cuts, colors, and styles with casual looks for the day and elegant looks for the evening. Great course for those looking to get back in the business or for those looking for new techniques and ideas. (Course includes: Instructional DVD & Workbook)

Up Do's & Braiding

4 CE/$60.00 - (#H5)

This course is intended to give you step by step instructions on perfecting the art of braiding and up do’s.  The student will have the opportunity to practice on a mannequin and add a touch of their own creativity.

Long Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles

7 CE/$110.00 - (#HV6)

Long hair can be some the most difficult hair to cut, color and style.This course is sure to give you creative up-to-date cuts, colors and styles with the casual looks for the day and elegant looks for the evening. Instructor & Platform Artist, Randy Topham. (Course includes: Instructional DVD & Workbook)

The Art of Creating the Illusion

3 CE/$45.00 - (#H7)

Lear how to create the perfect face shape with hair, skin, and make-up & color harmony.  Creating the illusion is your profession!  Included is a hands-on resurfacing kit.

Hair Loss & Integration

3 CE/$45.00 - (#H8)

Understanding hair loss and the options for treatment is a “must” class for all cosmetologists not familiar with this problem. Remember, you are the expert! The course includes hair integration which is rapidly becoming a solution to the problem of hair loss especially for hair loss resulting from chemotherapy treatment along with other options for treatment. Sometimes information is all they need - even if you do not provide services for this condition.

Up-Do’s II

7 CE/$110.00 - (#HV9)

This course brings the classroom into your home with one of cosmetology’s finest instructors – Jamie Rines Jones- she takes you through a step by step instructional presentation that covers everything down to the most minute detail. Six advanced long hair designs with timeless basic techniques that allow you to add your own creativity and make each style a personal signature design. (Course includes:  Instructional DVD & Review Booklet, Practice Mannequin & Hair Accessories)

DVD on loan basis - see DVD Policy
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I felt like I attended a motivational class…Incredible!

Can’t wait to take more classes. The instructor has inspired me to look into teaching myself. I cannot imagine taking my CE’s anywhere else. I wish you were my teacher in school!

Great business information.

You have been a total joy to listen to. Thank you for making this class worth my day!

Great class! I really enjoyed hearing all of the info. I will be coming back. Thank you.

This is my 2nd renewal taking classes with your company and it keeps getting better every time. Thank you. I am already looking forward to next renewal.

I wish Gina taught me when I was in esthetic school. She is very knowledgeable.

Fantastic program! Worth every penny. Will be returning for all my CEU hours.

A lot of time and energy was put in by the instructor in preparing for this class. Excellent!

Instructor was very knowledgeable and very organized with the material and delivery of subject matter.

Very informative and well planned class.

Thank you. Your class was very enjoyable and demonstrates your commitment and enthusiasm for the profession.